21 Black Jack

A traditional game of Black Jack. A staple for every card player.


A classic game of Chess. Can you beat the computer?


Care for a game of checkers?

Flip n Match

A fun memeory match game that will have you flippin'.

Jacks or Better

A 5 Card poker game where you need jacks or better to win!

Lottery Number Generator

Get the numbers you need to win.

Word Search

A collection of word search games for you to play.


A traditional game of Tic-Tac-Toe.


A game of solitaire.


Carbon Calculator

A tool to calculate your carbon foot print.

Car Loan Calculator

Estimate your monthly payments for a new or used car.

Thunder and Lightning

Estimate the distance to lightning.

Cat Age Calculator

Who's or your cat?

Mortgage Calculator

Estimate your monthly payments for a new house.

Dog Years Calculator

How old is that doggy in the window?

401K Planner

Estimate the money in your 401K.

Credit Card Calculator

Estimate your credit debt to estimate a payment plan.



Look up definitions in multiple definitions at one time.


Find synonyms and antonyms for most any word.

Scientific Calculator

An advanced calculator that does many advanced functions - cosine, sine, tangent, square root, exponents, etc.

Rhyme Me

Shakespear in your blood? Busting out a sonet? Find all words that rhyme.

Fun Apps

Bad Pickup Lines

Need a pickup line thats sure to fail? Try Bad Pickup Lines

Are You Psychic?

Test your ability to predict the future.

Illusions 1

Fun visual illusions - part 1.

Illusions 2

Fun visual illusions - part 2.

Random Thoughts

A collection of funny random thoughts.