Coolest Apps For Concert Fans

There are lots of apps that make concert going so much better than before. Whether you�re looking to buy tickets, track down the name of a song, or grab a pre-gig beer, there are plenty of cool apps to help.


I�ve tried out a lot of apps for buying tickets, and StubHub seems to be the best. You can always find the listings you want, and the interface is very clean and simple. Track your favorite brands, find the best seats and locate the best bars and parking around the event. Another really cool feature of the StubHub app is that you can sell tickets. It lets you set and modify your prices, edit and remove listings, and all the others things you would expect.

The StubHub app is available across all mobile devices, and you get access to the same inventory as when you buy concert tickets at There�s an app for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. If your phone or tablet is on another platform, you can use the website app that works through your browser. I�ve tried out to the iOS, Android and Web versions, and they all work really well.


CrowdStream is an app that lets you talk directly with the artist, and other fans, while you�re at a concert. To get the most from the app, connect it to your Twitter or Facebook account so you can interact with your friends. CrowdStream is available for free on Android and iOS.

CrowdStream �works directly with more than 60 major label artists including M�tley Cr�e, Neon Trees, Shinedown, and The Wanted as well as a whole bunch of unsigned bands too,� writes the Next Web. �If you are crazy about a band and want to make sure you don�t miss a thing, even when you are not at a gig, this might be the app for you.�


Sometimes you�ll be at a concert and you�ll hear a song you like, but you�ll struggle to track it down. Shazam is a song recognition app that solves this problem, and lets you easily identify a song. You can then buy the track instantly, or you can read the lyrics as the song is being played. The app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. The app is free, and there�s a premium version with more features.


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